1. ​Reduce inflammation
  2. Repair muscles, joints, nerves and cartilage
  3. Eliminate pain
  4. Calm nerves

And ultimately get you on the way to a better, painless life!

Below are some questions to ask yourself, that we also ask you, and more...

  1. ​Is my brain or body inflamed?
  2. Do I have enough amino acids to repair muscles, or enough vitamin C to create collagen and repair joints?
  3. Do I have high levels of chemicals in my body that irritate and inflame nerves?
  4. Do I have enough vitamin D or B vitamins to heal my nerves and reduce pain?
  5. Do I have a low grade infection in my sinuses or gums that has been missed and is causing head and/or neck pain?

We determine for each patient the correct diagnostic testing, which can include blood, urine, stool, saliva and others. Your unique test results allow us to figure out what your body needs and doesn't need to be able to:

Figuring out the road blocks that stop your body from healing are what we strive to do for our patients at Virginia Integrative Health. We do this through our diagnostic testing in Vienna and our team is fully equipped to take on some of the toughest cases of chronic illnesses to give the patient new hope, recovery, and their life back. We will find the answers in order to determine the best and quickest ways to heal the body. 

Here at Virginia Integrative Health we perform specific and advanced testing to find the root causes of symptoms and nutrients the body needs.

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