Online Booking Insurance Benefit Verification Disclaimer:


Please be advised that we require your insurance information at the time you schedule your appointment, and no later than one business day prior to your appointment. If you do not provide your insurance information when scheduling, especially online on our ZocDoc scheduling interface, we will reach out to obtain it via phone and/or email.


Some insurance policies may involve a larger out of pocket expense such as a high/unmet deductible and/or high co insurance, that we would like to make you aware of prior to your appointment, as payment is due at the time of service. If we are unable to contact you and you arrive for your appointment unable to fulfill your insurance mandated out of pocket expense, despite having already reserved the 45 minute new patient appointment time with the doctor, you will be charged a $200 CANCELLATION FEE. Scheduling an appointment with our practice is subject to these terms, and we enforce this policy to respect both our patients and doctors time.

 At Virginia Integrative Health, many of our patients appreciate the opportunity to review insurance benefits, being made aware of any services that would incur an out of pocket cost such as co-insurance or deductible. In every instance possible, we review this prior to rendering the service, to allow our patients to make the decision before incurring any cost. We appreciate your cooperation and opportunity to participate in your healthcare.


Virginia Integrative Health is honored to serve patients as ONE OF THE ONLY INTEGRATIVE PRACTICES IN NETWORK WITH MEDICARE AND BCBS in the tri-state area! Most integrative and functional medicine practices nationwide accept cash only, yet we are proud to serve our community, helping as many patients as possible, by working with all the insurance policies listed below. We are In-network with BCBS PPO and Medicare. We work with most major PPO policies, including Cigna, Aetna, policies in the Multiplan Network, and more! Please visit our M.D. profile, Dr. Shannon Ginnan on for a detailed list of policies we work with.

We offer complementary consultations with our Case Manager to review detailed treatment options in correlation with your insurance benefits. 

Our insurance processing policy specifies if you will incur any out of pocket costs, we will inform you by providing an estimate of the cost prior, in every instance possible. Examples of out of pocket costs can be co-insurances, deductibles, and any services that may not be covered or only partially covered. 

We give you the opportunity to review prescribed care options that may incur cost, before proceeding with treatment. It is our intention to offer as much transparency as possible to provide our patients the best service possible. 

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